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When I joined the ski club in late 2004, I felt like I found my tribe!  I was so happy to be with like-minded people and travel to ski resorts.  While I was working, the Club became my refuge from a stressful job.  Now that I’ve been retired for over 5 years, I still enjoy the ski trips the Club puts on.  Every ski resort is different, and it’s great to be able to go with others.  I can’t imagine belonging to any other Club! ?


Our very imaginative webmaster dubbed me ‘an international woman of mystery’ and I regret that I have to change that description but alas, I am just a regular person.

I don’t remember when I joined our ski club it was so many years ago – at least a decade. And it must be fun because I keep coming back! I am self-employed with a background in media and finance so any chance to get away from the computer, I will jump at.

Over the years, I have enjoyed many trips with my VASC buddies: up Island, over to Whistler (my personal favourite) and into the Interior. Others have travelled even further afield to the mountains south of the border and ski touring in Europe.

We have battled white-outs and no snow and too much snow and fog you could cut with a knife plus many memorable pot-luck dinners, events and parties....and we’re still friends.

If you like hanging out with a group of people dedicated to having a good time on the hill and off, then VASC is the place for you. We are always on the look-out for new activities to offer our members and welcome any ideas you may have. I encourage you to contact our fantastic social coordinators, Donna and Michele.







After learning how to ski at 5, I have spent over 40 years becoming a good skier. Finding the Victoria Ski club and being able to meet, ski and party with people who are better on the slopes or the après, keeps the trips interesting and the stories amazing.


I have been a member for about 9 years now, have made great friends and ski buddies plus my skiing as improved greatly.  Last year 4 of us woman, that all met through the club, did a 30 day  7 mountain Powder Highway ski vacation 1 vehicle lots of baggage and moving around,  and we are still  good friends. Friends that don't ski always ask me while I would want to put on 5 or 6 layers on a cold day, to go out into the snow, my answer is always I Love Skiing, plus there is no better view then from the top of a Mountain.




Steve is one of the fastest skiers that the webmaster has ever had the pleasure of failing to catch up to on the way down a precipice or through a powder coated wonderland. An all around good skier and excellent guide, Steve has long been a part of the ski cub and can tell some of the best stories from ski trips past.
His official bio and photo will be coming soon, but, if you are checking this out before he submits his updates for it, he is someone worth spending a weekend with! Following him around will be a high point in your memories.


Skiing is good. Spent the winter weekends of myteen years at Tod Mountain (now Sun Peaks) and a winter in Banff, and then onlymanaged a few trips a year. Joined the club in 2014 as it offered a chance to getmore serious. Looking forward to many more years of great social experiencesand fun folk to travel and ski with!

We look forward to your company!

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