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There are many benefits to becoming a member of the Victoria Ski Club. Discounts from our sponsors, fun and exciting trips, social events and of course meeting the wonderful people who are already members.

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“I have been a member for 10 years and can’t say enough about the fine individuals that make this group great, Skiing, cycling and just having fun!” – I. Taylor

We are a mixture of about 80 male and female adults, singles and couples, some athletic and some more social.
We keep busy year round with organized social and sporting activities.  Read on…


The Victoria Alpine Ski Club is much more than skiing, we are a social group that enjoys gatherings, cycling, golfing, snowshoeing, volleyball, movie nights, theater and much more!
Check out our calendar of upcoming social events and exciting ski trips! 


No Socials until September

Enjoy the summer

Preliminary2018/2019 trip plans



·      Whistler 1- Aspens Condominiums (10 rooms - 40 people)- December 7-10



·      Whistler 2- Legends Hotel (8 rooms - 32 people) – January 11-14

·      Mt Washington Deer Lodge- (4 rooms - 16 people) - January 25-27

·      Silver Star- Pinnacles Condominiums- (2 rooms – 16 people) – February 2-7

·      Revelstoke – Hotel property with venue TBD - (8 rooms- 16 people) – February 8-11

·      Whistler 3- March 10 -15:

o   Inside Edge Ski Club Cabin (20 people)

o   Tantalus Hotel (or equivalent) - (4 rooms- 16 people)

·      Mount Washington Deer Lodge - (4 rooms- 16 people) - March 29-31

·      Whistler 4 - Legends Hotel (10 rooms-48 people) – April 12-15


The Board also decided in our preliminary trip planning that there would be no buses provided for these trips including Whistler Legends and Mount Washington. 

Save the date: This years AGM will be held on Thursday, May 24, 2018 at the Six Mile Pub, 494 Island Highway, Victoria BC. Meeting starts at 7:00PM. After the AGM there will be a Special Resolution Meeting for members to vote on the revised Constitution and Bylaws for our club. 

Refreshments: Food and refreshments are available by ordering through your server prior to and after the meeting.

Victoria Alpine Ski Club

Background and Explanation on the changes to proposedConstitution and Bylaws 2018



The Board set up a committee in July 2017 toundertake the transition of the Club’s Constitution and Bylaws to meetgovernment’s November 28, 2018 deadline for all societies in British Columbiato have their constitution and bylaws align with the new BC Societies Act. Thecommittee consisted of Trevor Oram, Dave Chater and Barb Snyder.

Based on recommendations from the committee inSeptember 2017, the Board decided to merge the existing 2005 Victoria AlpineSki Club Constitution and Bylaws with the model bylaws published by the BCGovernment. The Board also decided to take this opportunity to make changes tothe bylaws that would streamline and make use of best practices in the wording,intent and organization of the bylaws.


The updated draft VASC Constitution and Bylawsreflect the requirements the committee felt were necessary to ensure our cluboperates in a manner that is efficient, transparent and in compliance withcurrent law as required by the BC Societies Act. In addition to usinggovernment’s ‘model bylaws’ as a template for our work, the committee alsoreferenced other societies’ draft bylaws (e.g. Inside Edge Ski Club, SouthIsland Sea Kayak Association and the Victoria Cycling Association) for examplesof best practices.

Explanation on the Changes

First, we merged both documents in theirentirety, then we removed clauses that were in contradiction, keeping theclause most suitable for our club. Finally, we removed clauses that appeared tobe redundant under the new government scheme.

‘Housekeeping’ items included renumberingsections, clauses and paragraphs, removing typos, correcting punctuation, andensuring consistent use of terminology throughout the document. For example,the terms, ‘executive’, ‘executive committee’, ‘Executive Committee’,‘Directors’, and ‘directors’ are now referred to as ‘Board’. This does notchange the meaning or purpose of the clause(s) but tends to reduce opportunityfor confusion over similar terms.

For other changes in the constitution orbylaws, a dialogue box was included enclosing an explanation of the action thattook place, for the clause immediately above the box;



2005 Constitution clause 3 moved toBy-laws as required by current Act, and renumbered.

In other cases, where the committee had madechanges to the wording of a clause or sentence, the specific change washighlighted in yellow. As an example, the committee felt that allowing a‘non-compliant’ member to continue to participate in club activities for up tosix (6) months (per the existing 2005 wording) was unreasonable and haverecommended adjusting it to three (3) months. This change is highlighted inyellow.

The new BC Societies Act requires only thename and purpose(s) of the society be included in our new proposed constitution.All other wording in the previous constitution is to be moved to thebylaws.  As an example, in our previous,2005 constitution, clause 3 requiredthat upon club dissolution, any monies retained by the club were to bedistributed to a charity. That clause, clause3, has been removed verbatim from the new constitution and added to the newbylaws.

In the draft bylaws, language that is underlinedand in italics is language importedfrom our existing, 2005 bylaws into our new proposed bylaws. See the examplebelow:

(a)       Unless otherwise noted inthese by-laws, all votes shall be carried by a simple majority (50%+1).


2)    Brought June 2005 definitions in to new, proposed, paragraph 1.2 (a)




Hopefully these explanations will help youtrack and understand the changes the committee has offered.  There will be ample opportunity to seekclarification on any questions you may have. You can chat with the committeemembers at socials or on trips or seek an email exchange. Please do come out tothe AGM and seek clarification if you wish, prior to voting on our newconstitution and bylaws.


Dave Chater, Trevor Oram, Barbara Snyder




The ski club now has a Facebook page. Check it out. You can post photos, advertise gear, look for rides or advertise rides to the hill.




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